Common Issues

These are solutions for some common issues encountered while using SRVControl.


If your panel uses Cloudflare for security, SRVControl may not work as intended.


If SRVControl encounters a captcha, we get a HTTP 200 OK response, but the content isn’t what we’re expecting.

This can cause issues such as API keys being detected as invalid, even though they are actually valid.

If you run your own panel

Make sure “Under Attack” mode isn’t enabled.

Make sure “Bot Fight Mode” mode isn’t enabled.

Add a page rule for the panel API (/api/client) that either turns off some protection or lowers the Security Level.

If you use a host

Ask your host to contact us. The best way for them to do so is via our Discord server.

We can then work with them to fix this issue.


These are common Pterodactyl related errors SRVControl may display.

Invalid API key

SRVControl tried to make a request using your API key and it is invalid.

Check your key is valid

Make sure your key is valid.

Make sure you haven’t revoked your key.

Make sure your key isn’t limited to specific IP addresses.

Failed to communicate

SRVControl didn’t recieve a response from your panel.

Check your panel is reachable

Try accessing your panel in your browser.

If it’s online and accessible from the internet, try again! It may have been a temporary issue with either your panel or SRVControl.

Check your panel isn't slow If your panel takes longer than 2 seconds to respond to a request, SRVControl will cancel the request and return this error.