Quick Start

Use this guide to get started with SRVControl.

SRVControl is a Discord bot that allows you to control Pterodactyl servers quickly from within your Discord server.

Get started

Getting started with SRVControl is easy.

Inviting the bot

Click here to invite SRVControl to your Discord server.

If your Discord server is public, you may want to take a look at our guide on restricting SRVControl command access

Create a profile

This is only a quick guide.
If you’d like to know more we have a page about what profiles are and a more in-depth guide on creating a profile.

Run the /profile create with these arguments:

  • a name for the profile
  • the domain of your panel
  • your API key

The bot will respond with a success or error message.

✅ If you see a success message

You’re all done! 🎉

Try running one of our other commands such as /servers or /power next!

❌ If you see an error message

Oh no! 😭

The error message should tell you what went wrong.
See common issues for why you may have received an error and how to fix it.