Creating a Profile

A guide on how to create a profile.


Invite SRVControl to your Discord server

Click here to invite the SRVControl bot to your server.

Generating an API key on Pterodactyl

  1. Go to your panel in your browser.
  2. Click on your avatar to view your Account Settings.
  3. Click on API Credentials.
  4. Enter a description for the API key.
    We recommend SRVControl so you know what it’s used for.
  5. Click the create button.
  6. Copy the API key and store it somewhere safe.
    You won’t be able to view it again later.

Provide your API key to the bot

The /profile create command requires 3 arguments.

  • A name for your profile.
    • Example: my profile
  • The domain of your panel.
    • Example:
    • Note: This should not include http(s)://!
  • The API key you just generated on your panel.

If you’d like a different name for your profile later, you can rename it easily with the /profile rename command.
If you’d like to delete the profile later, you can do so with the /profile delete command.

After filling out the arguments, run the command.

✅ If you see a success message

You’re all done! 🎉

Try running one of our other commands such as /servers or /power next!

❌ If you see an error message

Oh no! 😭

The error message should tell you what went wrong.
See common issues for why you may have received an error and how to fix it.