Managing Consoles

Use the /console command to manage console sessions.


The /console create command is used to create a new console session.

Using this feature requires the Manage Webhooks permission in the server you’re trying to run the command in.

Command Arguments

  • name
    • This is the name for the session.
      • The name can only be up to 12 characters.
  • server
    • The server you’d like to view the console of.
      • You can use a server name, or Pterodactyl ID.
      • This will be autocompleted.
  • channel
    • The channel you’d like to send console output to.
      • This will be autocompleted.


The /console delete command is used to delete one of the console sessions you previously created.

Command Arguments

  • console
    • The name of the console session to delete.
      • This will be autocompleted.