Privacy Policy

Last updated: 17/06/2023

Thank you for using SRVControl (“we”, “our”, “us”)!

We think privacy is one of the most important things for our users (“you”, “your”).

We will never share your data, and we only collect data that’s required for our services to work.

This policy currently applies to our Discord bot SRVControl#6053 (509937907147210763) and our Website (

What information about you do we store?

Almost all the data we store is given to us directly by you, and we only keep it to ensure our services work as intended. When you register a profile via the Discord bot, we store the following data:

  • Your Discord user ID.
    • This is so we know your profile belongs to you.
  • Your panel domain.
  • An encrypted version of your API key.
    • API keys are never stored in plaintext.

How do we store your data?

The security of your data is just as critical to us as it is to you.

This is why we don’t take security lightly, view some of the security measures we have taken in our security overview.

Can you delete your data?

Of course! Deleting your data is as simple as deleting all your profiles.

When you delete one of your profiles, the data associated with that profile is immediately destroyed.

Once all of your profiles are deleted, there’s no data left behind.

How long do we keep your data?

We keep your data for as long as you are using SRVControl and have a profile.

Will we make changes to this policy?


The last time this policy was updated is stated clearly at the top of this page.

As our services evolve, this policy may need updating from time to time. We’ll make an effort to notify you of any changes, but you should still check for yourself periodically.

Got some questions?

If you have questions about this policy, you can join our Discord server here or email us at [email protected].

Please note that email is the slowest method of contacting us, and it will most likely take longer to get a response.